Monday, May 21, 2012

South America Day 39: Rapa Nui to Papeete

January 2012

One more day in my childhood dream location.

Out on a snorkeling excursion at Orongo. We got in the water and snorkeled for about an hour seeing blue and white coral and tropical fish.

We headed back to town for lunch before going on a walk along the coast to the Tahai Complex. Here they have a few different Moai's, one with eyes.

We continued further along to the museum. The exhibit is small but they have booklets explaining each item in whatever language you need.

We headed back into town and ending up dipping our feet in the water and then heading to dinner and ordering the same dishes we had our first day here - ceviche and the baked crab dish.

We then headed back to the hotel for our transfer to the airport and 6 hours later arrived in Papeete, where we were picked up and headed to our hotel.

Fare Suisee, Papeete

Haka Honu, Rapa Nui

Snorkeling at Orongo
Tahai Complex
   Ahu Vai Uri
   Ahu Tahai
   Ahu Ko Te Riko

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