Tuesday, May 1, 2012

South America Day 28: Galapagos

January 2012

At 8 am into the dinghy's for a trip to Sombrero Chino. On the way we spotted 2 Galapagos penguins which are only slight larger than the little blue penguins we had seen in the Doubtful Sound, NZ. Once we landed we saw a Galapagos Hawk, and the islands terrain was very different, due to the lava flow.

We continued to a small seal colony and enjoyed watching them play in the ocean.

Once back on the boat we prepared for our morning swim.

As soon as we got in the water there were more of the Galapagos penguins swimming.

We saw marine iguanas swimming underwater, more schools of fish and finally some sea lions.

We got back to the boat for lunch on the deck, enjoying a typical Ecuadorian meal similar to what we had in Quito, with ceviche, fried pork, chicken, corn and potato cakes before setting sail to catch a sight of the flamingos in the crater of the Island.

After an hour of sailing we arrived at Rabida, this Island has a red sandy beach and we snorkeled for about an hour with sea lions, sea turtles and more fish.

That afternoon we landed on the Island and visited the landscape before boarding the boat and once again setting sail.

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