Tuesday, May 15, 2012

South America Day 36: Santiago to Rapa Nui

January 2012

When I was younger a primary school teacher showed us pictures of the statues of Easter Island, I had grown up around people that had travelled to all types of places (East Germany, Israel, Afghanistan) but from this point on Easter Island and it's Moai's was the pinnacle of travelling. Little did I know that 20 something years later I would be married to someone of Polynesian heritage who's interest in this Island on the tip of the South Pacific region would be nearly as strong as mine.

So after a 5 hour flight from Santiago we arrived in Rapa Nui (or Easter Island or Isla de Pascua).

After checking into our hotel, we took the short stroll down to the water and along to Haka Honu for lunch. We enjoyed the local raw fish and a baked crab and cheese dish.

We had an afternoon dip in the rock pool at Playa Pea, we even saw a sea turtle swimming.

We had dinner at a Pizzeria - the large pizza would have fed 4, before calling it a night.

O'Tai Hotel

Haka Honu, so much better than what Trip advisor says (and where there were plenty of locals on a Sunday afternoon)
Pizzeria La Esquina

Swim in the rock pool
Walk along the main street


  1. Was Easter Island on the tour you did or did you guys do it on your own?

  2. We did one day trip and 2 half day trips, but everything else was on our own. We used Kai Koe