Saturday, May 5, 2012

South America Day 30: Quito, Equador

January 2012

We were up late for a city tour around Quito. We met our guide and made our way to the largest church in the city with spectacular stain glass windows.

We walked into the old town to the Presidential Palace, where on Mondays the President and Vice president will go onto the balcony for the changing of the guards. It was Monday and both the president and Vice President were in attendance. We also got to see an extra display for the 5 year anniversary of the revolution celebrations.

We then walked down to the San Francisco square.

We got picked up and headed towards the equator line stopping for lunch along the way. There is a small museum at the equator line and they show you some of the effects the equator has.

Once back at the hotel we took a quick cab ride to see the Handicraft markets which were disappointing before heading back to the hotel to catch a flight to Lima.

Ramada Airport, Lima

Rumicucho, Equador

Equator Line
Changing of the guards mondays at the Presidental Palace
San Francisco Square

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