Saturday, May 19, 2012

South America Day 38: Rapa Nui/Easter Island

January 2012

Another morning of breakfast, a walk to the water and then on the tour bus for another day with the Moai's.

Our first stop was Akahanga, where there are a number of Moai's lying down.

We then visited Ahu Tangariki, where there are 15 large Moai's with their backs facing the sea, all restored in 1955, before being pushed over by a tsunami and having to be re-restored.

Next was Rano Raraku, which is a large quary that contains over 500 unfinished Moai's, with a great view of Ahu Tangariki.

We had a BBQ lunch before beading off to Te Pito Kura where there is one large Moai. The story here is that it was built to honor a woman's late husband and was one of the last Moai to be destroyed or pushed over in the 1850s.

We spent the afternoon at Anakena beach, where they have the Ahu Nau Nau and you can swim in the ocean overlooking the Moai's.

That evening we had dinner at Kanahau on the main street. We shared the raw fish for entree, for main DH had the tuna curry and I had the tuna with scallops, prawns, local mash and cream sauce - it was fantastic and I still think about that meal.

Hotel O'Tai


Day tour with Kia Koe Tours
Ahu Tongariki
Rano Raroku
Te Pito Kura
Anakena Beach with the Ahu Nau Nau

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