Thursday, May 17, 2012

South America Day 37: Rapa Nui/Easter Island

January 2012

Up late for breakfast and a quick walk down to the water before being picked up for our day tour.

We drove to Ana Kai Tangata, a cave where they have paintings of the bird men cult.

We drove further up the hill to Orango, where you pay our park fee. There is a large volcanic crater here (Rano Kau), and you can see the Motu in the distance as well as the traditional houses made of stone.

We then drove to Ahu Vinapu to see our first Moai's. The main one being a head, and some large ones lying down.

We went back to the main street and had some empanadas for lunch, before getting picked up again for our afternoon tour.

This time we visited Puna Pau, which is the quary of the headpieces or hair on the Moai's.

We made at stop at Ahu Akivi, which was my favourite location and is the 7 explorers, the only Moai's to be facing the sea.

We drive onto Te Pahu, where there are lava flow tunnels, and finished our afternoon tour.

That night we went to Te Ra'ai, for the traditional Polynesia dinner (umu) and dancing.

Hotel O'Tai

Donade La Tia Sonia
Milkafe for icecream
Te Ra'ai

Valcano Rano Kau
Ahu Vinapu
Ana Kai Tangata
Ahu Akivi or the 7 Explorers
Te Pahu
Puna Pau


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