Sunday, May 13, 2012

South America Day 35: Santiago

January 2012

Up to catch the tour bus. Once on the bus we headed 2.5 hours North West from Santiago out to Vina del Mar. We first stopped at the botanical gardens where they hold concerts every year and they have an old house (currently being restored due to damage sustained in a major earthquake).

We then stopped at the Easter Island museum, where they have one of the large Moai's on display. We then headed towards the coast stopping for a fish lunch on the Pacific ocean.

We then headed towards Valparaiso to the Chilean Poets Pablo Neruela, we didn't do the tour but took pictures of the outside and walked to the poets park.

We then visited the painted buildings and rode the funicular. We then headed back on the bus to Santiago.

That night we had a quick dinner. I had a large Churrasco Completo which was a beef sandwich with sauerkraut, tomatoes and salsa. DH had the Churrasco pobre, which was steak strips, eggs and chips.

Blue Tree Fundador

The Red Bar

Vina del mar

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