Friday, January 3, 2014

The Serengeti, Tanzania

October 2013

The Serengeti was a stunning place. We had two full days and two part days here and originally I thought that was too much. It wasn't. The key is to not expect it to be like a documentary (although it did feel like one at times!) but to relax and enjoy what was on show that day.

The hippo pool was one cool place to sit and watch for a while

Dining after a trip to the Zebra supermarket

The guides called her the Great Grandmother of the Serengeti, she was beautiful with her fading spots

We got to see a few cubs who didn't stay put like there mothers would have told them...

Just hanging out in the tree

The zoomed in version...

A lost hippo out in the midday sun

Hyena wallowing in the mud

It was amazing to watch the pride come back from a night/day of eating

These two were hiding in the long grass and would have stayed there except for our guides eagle eyes

Having a packed lunch at Ngorongoro rock

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