Monday, January 27, 2014

Philadelphia, USA

December 2013

We caught an early morning train to Philadelphia for a day trip from NYC. It was a quick trip (1 hr 20 min) and easier than trying to navigate the road. I was surprised how compact the city area was, we walked all day (initially we had thought about using the metro) and while it was cold (about 32F or 0C) it wasn't raining.

Reading Terminal Markets
I could have spent all day eating here, but we only managed to try the Philly Cheese steak with wiz and some fabulous hand rolled doughnuts

We had meant to try Campo's but after the early morning start and all the good food at the market we never made it

Independence Hall, we were able to reserve our free tickets online for a $1.50 booking fee, this worked out except for the fact you still had to collect your tickets at the visitors center!

Liberty Bell, can be viewed inside or outside the museum that is independent of Independence Hall

Walk from Independence Hall to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Boathouse Row, you can get some cool pictures at night (our are from the train)

City Hall
We missed out on tickets to the observation tower (I couldn't find anywhere to book online) and I'm still disappointed

Special call out to The Red Headed Traveler for all her cool tips


  1. Yes, you were definitely smart in doing the train...the Jersey Turnpike is often a nightmare :)

    I'm so glad you got to visit. I'm going to admit that I've been waiting eagerly all month for your Philly posts, pics and thoughts on it. Sorry you missed out on going to the top of City Hall (I've never been myself, as a kid the observation deck wasn't open). But the top of the Rocky steps provides a good view, albeit somewhat lower.

    And yes, Boathouse Row is lovely at night-you go by it to get to my family's house :)

    1. I have a few more on Philly coming and then DC