Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Serengeti Wilderness Camp

October 2013

The Serengeti Wilderness Camp was truly the highlight for us in terms of accommodation in Tanzania. It was small, friendly, with great food and great service.

The tents were comfortable, with each person given 20L of hot water each day for showers.

There was a common area for looking at books or maps as well as having a drink.

 All meals were had in the communal dining tent (lunch could be a boxed lunch and we did one of each during our stay) and we loved that we were able to have dinner with our guide each night.

The food was tasty and we tried to figure out how vegetables could be so fresh being flown in each day.

One of the funniest things on our trip was watching these two each morning looking at the pretty birds in the mirror....


  1. When it comes to vaccinations, did you have to go the gamut? I haven't had to do hardcore shots in years, not since my Central America days.

    This looks like a type of "camping" I may consider :)

    1. We already had Yellow Fever from Sth America (required by the Aust govt) other than that standard except for malaria, it's the first trip we didn't take as optional.