Saturday, January 25, 2014

Miss Chu, Sydney

January 2014

I read about Miss Chu in the Australian Financial Review a few months back. I really don't remember much about that article except for "Queen of the Rice Paper Rolls" and made it my objective to try some.

So on a recent weekend trip to Sydney we headed to Miss Chu on George Street to try some of her famous rolls.

The system plays on what in my time was how you ordered your lunch at school when mum hadn't packed it for the day, you line at the little window and order using the pen and paper to tick what you want (hence the Tuck Shop use in the name).

This is where we ran into issues. Not with the system per se, but with the array of options. I came for rice paper rolls and tried only one type but a bit of everything else.....

Bbq pork char sui buns $2.50

Tiger prawn & green mango 
(2 per serve) $7.50

Prawn & crab net spring roll salad $13

Peking duck pancake 
(2 per serve) $7.00

 Bánh mì $9

Pineapple and Mint Slush 

 The food was good, it was quick and it was filling. Next time I go back I will try and focus on my original objective - trying lots of rice paper rolls!

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