Wednesday, February 19, 2014

SoHo and Greenwich Village

January 2014

Out of everything we did, this is probably the one thing we could have skipped. SoHo and Greenwich Village seem to be popular for their architecture, food spots and bars.

Our problem I think was we built a walking tour on google maps using a guidebook example, but never documented why we went a certain way, nor was our map very good.

What was helpful was the occasions when you saw the blue historic sign and had a "ahh" movement.

The architecture ranges from art deco, cast-iron and row houses.

So is it worth it on your own? Probably not, we could have seen the cast-iron architecture on our way to REI in SoHo, we didn't need to walk around in circles for it. Would we have got more value from a walking tour? Most probably yes.

And I guess that's the back up for SoHo and Greenwich Village, if you get lost there's plenty of places to shop, eat and drink!


  1. I've actually never been to either of these neighborhoods. I rarely ventured below Midtown since visits usually consisted of seeing family, seeing shows, and museums. I finally went "way downtown" when we had Thanksgiving dinner at Windows on the World, the restaurant on the top floor of the WTC and then of course visiting the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. Not sure if you've ever been but WHEN :) you return to NYC, you should definitely visit there. It's an incredible museum.

    1. The Tenement Museum and the African Burial Grounds unfortunately got put on the next trip visit - but now there at least has to be a next trip!