Friday, February 7, 2014

Memorials, Washington DC, USA

December 2013

One of the highlights of visiting Washington DC is walking the monuments. While you cover a fair distance (approx 6.5 km), its all flat and plenty of opportunity to stop and take snaps.

We started with the White House, the National Tree (which we had also seen at night) and the EEOB.

We moved towards the Washington Monument towards the WWII memorial, stopping to take pictures of the beautiful buildings along the way.

We stopped at the WWII memorial, which was only unveiled in 2004.

From there we moved to the Vietnam memorials. These include the main wall, the Women's memorial and the male statue.

Here you come across the magnificent Lincoln Memorial, which is magnificent in everyday.

This is followed by the Korean War Veterans Memorial (my personal favourite).

On  the way to the next "significant memorial" we stumbled across the DC War Memorial.

We then arrived at the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. This wasn't unveiled until 2011 and as a fun fact, when posted on Facebook it asks you to tag the face of the monument.

 The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is vast and includes the first lady at the time, Eleanor Roosevelt.

The memorial route is rounded off by the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. The most powerful part of this monument was this quote of the author of the declaration of independence.

The point that signifies the end of the route is the Washington Monument and the National Mall.

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