Saturday, February 1, 2014

Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Rocky Steps, USA

December 2013

 I've never actually seen the movie Rocky, but the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art was on every must do list of Philadelphia as well.

I think part of the attraction is that they are located at the Philadelphia Museum of Art which is an attraction in its own right both inside and out (we didn't get a chance to go in).

Its also located a close distance to Boathouse Row, which was no surprisingly quiet this time of year.

We managed to get a shot of the Boathouses lit up on our train trip home.


  1. The Rocky Statue used to be at the top of the Art Museum steps but was eventually moved as many felt it was being culturally "disrespectful" to the Art Museum since the latter existed long before the movie from the 70s came out.

    Two things- first, it is a really great museum and second, you should see Rocky. The many others that came after are crappy but the first is a cinematic classic. And all the neater now that you've done the steps :)

    1. I really wish we had time to go in, but we would have just been rushed. Interesting that they changed the location of the statue since a statue is art!

    2. Very true but some art lovers were taking offense that the Rocky statue was becoming more important than the Art Museum. I tend to agree since it wasn't exactly a Rodin and the Art Museum had existed for decades before Rocky ever came about :)