Thursday, February 13, 2014

NYE, NYC, Midnight run through Central Park

December 2013

The Midnight Run was one of my Wish List items. When we decided to visit NY over the new Year period after booking our accommodation and flights this was the next thing we signed up for.

The 4 mile (or 6.5 km) run takes you through New York's Central Park. The run starts at mid-night as fireworks light up the sky.

It's an easy run for us, but was a great way to bring in the new year and get a run in at Central Park on our trip.

 My only issue was the temperature. It was -5.5C (22F), much colder than I have ever run in before (4C or 40F might be the coldest) and while my top half was warm I couldn't feel my legs (they were numb from the cold) by time we got back to the hotel, despite my "winter" leggings!

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