Sunday, March 4, 2012

South America Day 9: Amazon, Peru

December 2011

We woke up early to rain (considering we were in a rainforest it shouldn't have been too surprising..).

We had breakfast and the boarded the boat to head to the river. After a quick walk through the forest we boarded another boat on the Chimbadar Lake to do some wildlife spotting and piranha fishing (catch and release only). We saw the giant river otter, which is quite rare, the Hoatzin or stinky bird, and DH nearly caught a piranha.

On the way back through the forest to the river we spotted some Saddleback Tamarins and other monkeys.

Once back in the lodge we had a quick snack and spotted some Brown Agouti's.

We then walked down to the clay licks do see the Macaws. We weren't expecting much because of the season, but it was phenomenal.

After lunch we took the boat back down the river to the botanical gardens and to visit the local shaman, trying one or two of the herbal potions.

Once back at the lodge we had another buffet dinner, before enjoying a night walk to check out all the critters.

Posada Amazonas Lodge

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