Tuesday, March 20, 2012

South America Day 16: Cusco to Arequipa

January 2012

Spent some time actually in Cusco this morning (besides eating and sleeping!). We visited the Inca Museum. The bottom section is dedicated to pre-Inca civilisation and the upstairs section to the Inca's and their ruins, along with some on the Inca's post Spanish invasion.

We then headed back to the hotel, to catch the bus to the airport, where the plane was delayed.....again.

We checked into our hotel in Arequipa (also known as the White City) about 5 pm and went for a brief city walk in the rain. We went to a very nice dinner, in a old white building (the city has it's name due to the white volcanic stone that was used in it's buildings and also the high number of Spanish inhabitants). We shared a trio of raw fish, I had the salad with prawns and shellfish, while DH had the crispy baked oven pork. This was also the night I got addicted to the local drink - Chi Cha.

Solar, Arequipa

Chi Cha, Arequipa

Museo Inka, Cusco

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