Friday, March 2, 2012

South America Day 8: Cusco to the Amazon

December 2011

Something we quickly learnt in South America is plane's rarely leave on schedule. We were delayed for four hours at Cusco airport due to poor weather somewhere, but finally caught our 40 min flight to Puerto Maldonodo in the Amazon.

We met our guide and boarded the minibus to the Rainforest Expedition office before re boarding the bus and heading to the river to catch our boat down the Amazon.

We enjoyed a rice lunch on board and along the way spotted a Capabara, and other wildlife on the 1.5 hour boat trip.

We arrived at Posada Lodge around 6 pm and checked into our surprisingly luxury rooms (not what we expected for the middle of the Amazon!). The rooms are all open, with no windows, just a open wall and only curtains for the front door. Dinner was a buffet in the large dining hall.

Posada Amazonas Lodge

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