Thursday, March 8, 2012

South America Day 11: Cusco to Ollantaytambo

December 2011

We were up with the church bells and off at 7:30 am heading towards Caccaccollo. This is a small town where the town is based on farming and traditional weaving.

From here we drove to Pisac, to see the Inca ruins, which are some of the finest and largest in the area.

After stopping for lunch, we arrived at Ollantaytambo and the spectacular Inca ruins there.

We checked into our hotel, brought snacks for the Inca trail starting tomorrow and after a rest headed out for dinner, this time at Blue Puppy. I had the beef quesadillas and DH had the avocado and bacon wrap.

Tika Wasi Valley, Ollantaytambo

Inca Coffee Shop, Ollantaytambo for milkshakes and snacks
Blue Puppy, Ollantaytambo

Caccaccollo to pick up some truly hand woven items
Pisac Ruins
Ollantaytambo Ruins


  1. Rebecca, you are doing wonderful job I must say!:)
    I miss you guys:(

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