Friday, October 22, 2010

Hong Kong and Eastern Europe Day 13

September 2009

Day 13

We had breakfast at the pension before heading off on a locally run tour to see the tunnels built during the 1990s conflict and learn some of the more recent history of the country. We drove through town, past the Holiday Inn (which every time it was brought up I had the song by Chingy running through my head) and were given a guided tour of the tunnels that had been built to smuggle food, medicine, people and I'm sure arms during the 1990s war.

After the tour we headed back into the old city to walk through the Bazaar and amble through the old streets before having lunch at the Cevabdzinica Hodzic, in which we enjoyed the lovely Cecapcici with Shopska salad.

After lunch we took a walk up the hill to the cemetery to get a great view of the city, followed by a drink at the local brewery.

That evening we tried a small local eatery Cevabdzincia, and enjoyed the veal kebabs, more Cecapcici and salad.

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