Monday, October 18, 2010

Hong Kong and Eastern Europe Day 11

September 2009

Day 11

We caught the bus into town again and went to check out one of the local bookstores that we had passed on our walking tour the day before. I have an obsession with books, being an avid reader, but it was the chandeliers (and the number of them) that had caught my eye. We got lost trying to find the right tram to take us to the local markets, and after finding it discovered we could have walked! After checking the markets out we had a sandwich lunch in Republic Square and enjoyed a drink in a cafe, people watching the the afternoon sun.

From here we headed back to the fort to check out the old tanks they have before stopping to visit the Military Museum, which focuses on the history of the Balkan area battles and has a room dedicated to the 1999 NATO attacks, which like the bombed buildings they have left in place, just seemed a bit strange.

We headed back to the ? Cafe for an afternoon drink, before heading back to the Bohemian quarter to try another restaurant for our evening meal.

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