Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hong Kong and Eastern Europe Day 10

September 2009

Day 10

We headed off on the early train to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. We booked into our accommodation, which was student accommodation at a local University before hopping on a bus into the city and enjoying lunch at ? Cafe, the oldest cafe in Belgrade (1929). We enjoyed what was to soon become one of our favourite local dishes, the Cevapcic, before also trying our first Turkish coffee, and lets just say, we won't be having that again until we're in Turkey!

We then headed off with our group for a city walking tour. This included viewing the fort, the park, the main street and Republic Square. After our tour we caught a bus to check out what is currently the largest orthodox church in the world, which had building start in 1935, but due to various wars is not due to be finished until 2020 (and by then it may no longer be the largest Orthodox Church).

We then walked back to town, stopping by to check out the buildings that have been left standing that show the damage done by NATO forces during their attacks in the 1990s, a very strange concept indeed, and finishing up in the Bohemian quarter where we enjoyed a lovely dinner.

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