Sunday, March 8, 2015

Chinese New Year, Sydney, 2015

February 2015

With 6.5% of Greater Sydney's population identifying as Chinese it's not surprising that the Lunar New Year is well celebrated in Sydney.

There are a number of activities that happen over the Chinese New Year period and these were the few I got to enjoy this year:

Lunar Food Markets
Pyrmont is always a great location for food markets. But go early and eat while your waiting in line for your next dish!

Chinese Lantern Carnival
These were impressive, maybe it was the time of night I went, maybe it was how they reflected off the water fountains, but it was definitely worth the stop.

Dragon Boat Races
It was hot, there was no shade and it made for a miserable day. Next time I would be better prepared with hat and water.

The Lanterns of the Terracotta Warrior 
I wasn't overally impressed by this one, large crowds and hard to get a good view of the warriors.

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