Friday, June 6, 2014

Vivid Sydney, 2014

June 2014

It was my first year visiting Vivid Sydney, I had only heard of the large number of locals and tourists flooding into the CBD at night to see the harbour bridge, Opera House and other iconic buildings lit.

The key with vivid is that its almost like New Years Eve, the town is flooded with people, including a large number of families, and street closures mean that pedestrian traffic is king,

We mainly spent time around the rocks, harbour and Martin Place displays (Darling Harbour also is lit and the view from North Sydney is also meant to be popular.

Harbour Bridge

Customs House

Opera House


Martin Place


  1. Really cool pictures! Enticing me all the more to want to visit there! I hate large crowds (i.e. anything of the New Year's Eve variety) but I suppose there are some events in life I need to man up for!

    1. If you're a tourist you could do a mid-week visit, with less crowds. I was really impressed, especially with the MCA and the Opera House