Monday, March 24, 2014

Run Amuk, Hotdogs Unleashed, Fremantle, WA, Australia

March 2014

I'm a big fan of hot dogs, growing up in an American household I learnt to appreciate from an early age a hot dog with more than just tomato sauce/ketchup and mustard. Run Amuk in South Fremantle has hot dog and toppings to a fine art.

Banana Milkshake $5

Stumbles - Premium bratwurst, lightly caramelised onions, aged cheddar, gherkin relish, baby spinach, tasty tomato relish & cream cheese $11.5

Minx - Premium bratwurst, guacamole, tasty tomato relish, sour cream and a corn, capsicum, red onion & fresh mint salsa $11.5

Coleslaw $3


  1. My h would love this place! I can't get over the size of them though. Have you ever tried a Chicago style hotdog on any of your travels? They're also known as the garden dog from all of the veggies they have on top.

    You have me so intrigued though when you mentioned about growing up in an American household-are your parents American? But you grew up/live in Australia? I have such a boring life :)

  2. My father was born in the same state as you live and grew up a bit further north, so superbowl was celebrated with great hotdogs! Yes ive had the Chicago hotdogs, which is only topped by their deep dish pizza!

  3. Mystery solved! How cool though about the state connection. Yes, I adore Chicago pizza. Nowhere around me makes it which is sad and even sadder is that I have not been back to the windy city in three years.