Saturday, March 15, 2014

NYC - What we missed, what we'd skip, what we loved

December 2013/January 2014

I think we did a pretty good job, considering we had nine days (and also visited Philly and DC), and had travelled for 24 hours to get there. But of course as with most trips there's a list of things we wished we had time for, a list of things we probably would have skipped and a list of things we loved (and some we hope to do again).

What we missed
Shopping - I thought I could sneak a bit of time in here and there but it didn't work out that way
Doughnut Planet - at least we got to try one at Lexington Candy Shop
SMac - Fabulous mac and cheese apparently
African Burial Ground
A trip to Boston

What we'd skip
Momofuku - too many other places to eat in NYC

Empire State - it just takes too long and takes too much valuable time

What we loved
The Two Bridges - although this day din't go exactly as planned it was a fabulous day

The Meatball Shop - our back-up choice was the best

NYLO, NYC - best hotel, in the best location

Second Avenue Deli - the pastrami without the long lines

That's it for our winter break in NYC, Philly and DC. After a few more Australian short break posts, we're back to our Africa trip of 2013....


  1. I'm still amazed by all that you did especially considering you were coming from the other side of the world! I know it was cold when you were here but you also definitely lucked out with the weather considering this winter the East Coast has just been slammed and slammed by snow :)

  2. I had a very detailed spreadsheet and we're fairly use to travel (between work and personal and the distance between us and the rest of the world!).