Friday, October 25, 2013

Flashback: Darwin and the Australian Outback 2004

DH did a 5 week four wheel driving trip in 2004 that was almost 100% camping, not my thing, so my sister and I decided to take a week and go somewhere. I was pushing for somewhere else in Asia, Borneo maybe, Thailand, Malaysia perhaps, but she wasn't keen and that's how we ended up in Darwin, Katherine Gorge, the Devils Marbles, Uluru, Kings Canyon and the Kata Tjuta. Again prior to me having a digital camera....

Baby Crocodiles in Darwin

 Feeding the fish at Doctor's Gully

Katherine Gorge

The Devil's Marbles, the dreamtime stories surrounding this area are some good memories from my childhood 

The famous Daly Waters Pub

At Uluru, and no we didn't climb

Its a stunning part of the world and it's amazing how much we covered in 7 days (by car from Darwin down to Uluru).


  1. I had no idea you could climb it! If I ever get there, I won't be doing the climbing route :)

    1. It's an area most Australian's don't do til they're older but I'm glad my sister talked me into it. They also have a running festival once a year and if the flights weren't so expensive for a local flight I would have signed up for next years race.