Friday, November 1, 2013

Flashback: Vietnam 2002

Again before digital cameras. I have no photos of HCMC, limited (and poor) photos of Hanoi. My childhood was filled with stories of HCMC or Siagon, whether from my parents or their friends that would be at our house. The food was familiar, I had been eating pho and rice paper rolls of years. My parents had been back in 2001, so this was the first trip I did when I had my first "real" job.

Beach of Nha Trang 

Buddha Statue in the Marble Mountains 

Hand carving on the street

Hue Citadel 

Swimming in Ha Long Bay 


  1. Cool photos! Vietnam is a country I'm dying to visit I think mainly due to the French connection. Stinks that getting there is both difficult and $$$ from the East Coast USA. But Halong Bay just looks magical though.

    1. When we visited again in 2008 HCMC had changed significantly so I do wonder what Halong Bay is like. Worth the flight time if you ever have the $$$$