Friday, November 23, 2012

Trip Must Have's

I did a post a while back on our typical packing list, but this is more about the five must have things I take on any trip, whether it's a weekend away or a 6 week trip.

1. My camera
The invent of the digital camera has allowed us to take large numbers of photos at little or no cost (once you have your original investment), and the technology in the camera's allows you to take some pretty magnificent shots without too much know how.

I have a  Lumix - drop proof, water proof and freeze proof - in other words Rebecca proof.

2. A book (or in most cases my Kindle)
I love to read, and in 2009 there was a number of occasions where I got stuck during my FIFO schedule without a book. Books in Australia are also expensive, so even though I didn't want to be on a 5 hour flight without a book I also wasn't too willing to hand over $35 to do so. Hence where the kindle came in, it's light, it holds 100's of books so there's no risk of running out and the battery charge is relatively large.

3. Pen and Paper
I use to have elaborate travel diaries and still have them stacked on my bookshelf, but now seeing most trips get transcribed right into this blog when we return, a pen with any form of paper will do the trick (I've even used serviette's when I've realised I've left the note pad at home).

4. Sunscreen
Living in the Australian sun trains you young that you do not want to spend your trip burnt. Most moisturiser sold here comes with SPF15+, but we always carry a roll on of sunscreen.

5. Torch
We tend to get off the beaten track, where sometime electricity can be unpredictable (or as in the case of Wilson Island limited at best), so a tough torch or a headlamp helps.

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