Friday, November 16, 2012

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

We had such a good time at the rugby here in 2011 we decided to come back. Instead of rain and the miserable weather we had last year, it was bright, sunny and a balmy 30C (approx. 85F). We also had less time this trip taking a later plane from Sydney and catching an earlier flight back on Sunday due to DH being on the back shift.

Accommodation can be in peak demand and pricey for these games. So while I paid more than I would have wanted to for a 4 star hotel, I was much happier with this option than where we stayed last year. The room at The Sebel Suites was clean, had a good view and was quiet. My only complaint would be is that you can tell these hotels are old from their bathrooms, which don't seem to get updated as much as the rooms.


Lunch at AJ Vietnamese Noodle House. We were early at noon, but by time we left the small cafe was bustling.

We tried to find a better spot for breakfast, but due to time restrictions once again found ourselves at Spoon Expresso Deli. Give it a miss, the service is poor and the food is average, particularly for the price your paying.


Catch a game at Suncrop Stadium, I still think it's the best venue to watch a rugby game

Have a drink and take a walk along Southbank

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