Friday, November 30, 2012

Travel by Season

We don't always plan our trips based on what the best season is. But since we've started to do more outdoor related activities this has been more important  It was interesting to look through our recent trips and think of them in terms of the season, depending on the location it wasn't always easy to pick!

We got mostly dry weather when visiting the Milford and Doubtful Sounds of New Zealand.

Yet it was hot and humid, when visiting the Iguazu Falls.

We live in a location with a relatively mild winter, so Vegas in January isn't too bad. Especially considering DH is wearing a T-shirt in this photo.

Most of our rugby trips are taken in the Southern Hemisphere winter (being a winter game and all), including this game in Auckland in July.

Spring in the California National Parks such as Yosemite can be pretty spectacular, with the snow melting the falls are in full swing.

While the weather wasn't fantastic for our trip to Lord Howe Island, I think the season helped the green's in the fantastic scenery and also meant it was warm enough to go swimming.

The leaves were starting to change on our trip to the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia.

It was also autumn when we visited Launceston prior to our Bay of Fires hike in Tasmania.

Do you have a favourite season to travel in?


  1. Living in the COLD northeastern United States, traveling in the winter to a warm weather destination spot is usually something I love to do. However, there are not many direct flights to fabulous beach spots from Pittsburgh and so due to my fear of storms canceling and disrupting entire trips, I usually don't act on this. Fall has become a preferred season since crowds are generally less and the weather is still lovely.

    Interesting post though!

    1. We don't get much snow where we live so it's usually those tropical storms we have to consider!