Tuesday, April 24, 2012

South America Day 25: Quito to Galapagos

January 2012

Off to the airport for a 1015 flight. They scan your bags before check in to make sure that your not bringing anything on board that might contaminate the pristine Galapagos region.

Once landing on Baltra it was a 10 minute bus ride, followed by a 10 minute boat ride across the channel to the Island of Santa Cruz. Here we then had a 45 minute min bus ride to the main port.

We got dinghys to our boat - the Queen Beatrix - and enjoyed a buffet lunch before our first activities in the Galapagos.

Our first trip was to the Charles Darwin Research Centre, our first sight was heaps of iguanas (not my favourite animal) as we got off the boat.

Once at the actual research center we saw baby Galapagos Tortoises only born within the past 10 days, and right up to those that are just ready for release back into the wild.

We snuck a look at Lonesome George (he is very shy), saw some bright orange land Iguanas and the Espanola Tortoise.

We walked back into town watching the birds and a cheeky sea lion by the water.

We watched the sun go down while having pre-dinner drinks, followed by a sit down dinner with the rest of the group.

Our trip was with g adventures, mainly for the low tour size (max of 16) and the culture of the company. We did this trip

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