Friday, April 20, 2012

South America Day 23: Lima

January 2012

Off on the Mirabus tour of the city. Most of the time was spent on the bus, but we had 40 min in the Cathedral and 20 min in the main square.

Once back in town at Kennedy Park we walked down to the sea and Larcomar. We had lunch at the Peruvian McDonalds - Bembos before heading back into Miaflora's.

After a rest at the hotel we headed back into a busy Kennedy Park to have dinner at La Lucha. We lined up 30 min for a roast beef sandwich and beef with onion and cheese sandwich. We also had some frozen juice and then walked in the park, watching the cats play in the park (they are protected in Kennedy park).

La Castellana, Lima

La Lucha

Mirabus city tour
Walk through Kennedy Park

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  1. Hi,

    You had an excellent trip, but my taste is little different whenever i travel I go to see natural places, beaches and adventure sports. Lastly I visited Maria Island and did guided walking and it was also an amazing experience.

    I am planning my next trip to Cradle Mountain and accommodation in huts in the hills. I hope it will be amazing experience.