Thursday, April 5, 2012

South America Day 20: Arequipa to Nazca

January 2012

We slept ok on the night bus from Arequipa arriving around 7:30 am and automatically noticing the change in weather and landscape.

We checked into our hotel, which had run out of hot water, before stopping to look at the pre-Inca cemetery and mummies.

 We went to the airport to check in for our scenic flight over the Nazca lines, the main reason for this being a stop in our trip. It was hard to really get a feel for the scale of the lines at such a height, but gave you great viewing of the many different designs.

We had a late lunch, which was a buffet of food that they cook in the ground. The tamales and chicken were my favourite (DH was not so keen on the tamales).

We got back to the hotel at around 6 pm, exhausted from our bus trip and long day.

San Marcelo, Nazca

The only place I didn’t get the name of – big regret

Flight over the Nazca lines
Chauchilla cemetery

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