Saturday, May 28, 2011

Next on the list

The main reason I turn up to work is to have my next holiday. Being DINK it's a priority for me, although I think DH just goes along for the ride. I also love to here what others have planned in terms of travel.

So what's next for us?

1. Lord Howe Island, Australia

I caved basically. And with the possibility of views like this, who could blame me?

2. Brisbane, Australia

I haven't been to Brisbane for a holiday since 1988, and I've only been there limited times for work. The plan is to go for the NZ and Australian Bledisloe Cup match. We'll see if a, we get tickets and b, we actually go. But some of my fondest memories with DH are at Bledisloe cup match's (perhaps because even though Australia hasn't held the cup since we've been together, Australia has won at least 50% of the matches we have attended).

3. Southern South America

We get to visit a number of dream locations at once, and while our original plans of adding Mexico and Cuba didn't pan out I still think our itinerary is envy worthy. It will be interesting to see what the highlight will be, will it be sunrise over Machu Picchu, snorkeling in Galapagos, the dizzy high of La Paz or the Moai on Easter Island?

4. Cook Islands

Back to the old dependable Rarotonga. How many people can claim they get to visit their MIL on a tropical island as exotic as Raro. Hopefully we might add another one of the outer islands such as Mauke or Aitu as well.

5. Who knows

The options are endless, and needless to say my list is long!

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