Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bay of Fires Walk, Tasmania, Australia - Day 3

April 2011

Woken up this morning at 7:30 am. For breakfast in the dining room, consisting of baked eggs with tomato on toast. The Easter bunny had also been.

Before being briefed on the days activities we were lucky to see three dolphins surfing through the waves on the beach below, a truly remarkable sight.

In retrospect I should have skipped the optional activities on day 3, and stayed at the lodge doing nothing. Except I guess that's how hindsight works. But we packed our bag and walked about 100 m down the road and putting the bags in the truck, then continuing along a fire trail for about 5 km to meet up with the van at the road.

The van took us to the Ansons River where the kayaks were waiting for us. We kayaked down the river about 2 km at Rockey Point. I got out here with another couple, while DH continued on across Ansons Bay.

We had a picnic lunch at Policeman's Point before a short canoe across the channel and then a 6 km walk along Abbostsbury beach before a 10 min hike up the hill back to the lodge.

We enjoyed a dinner of beetroot, balsamic red onions, feta cheese and baby spinach salad for entree, followed by sweet potato risotto with crispy skin chicken, finished with a dessert of vanilla pannacotta. The rest of the night was spent relaxing by the fire.

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