Monday, May 16, 2011

Bay of Fires Walk, Tasmania, Australia - Day 2

April 2011

Up at 6:30 am to enjoy a pancake breakfast, before packing lunch and our bags for a day of walking.

We walked from the camp to Deep Creek where after stripping off to our underwear we caught the canoe across instead (ok, so half of our group waded across, while the other half got pulled across in a canoe).

We walked along to Picnic Point, then further up to the Eddystone Lighthouse where we stopped for lunch.

Here we reached Bay of Fires proper, which surprisingly wasn't named after the colour of the rocks, which do glow like on fire, but because when Europeans first sailed through the area, the shores were ablaze with fires lit by the local Aboriginals.

We continue along the bay, only ever seeing the 12 of us on the beach at any time, until we get to Bradley Rock where the Bay of Fires Lodge is. After walking 14 km, the slightly steep incline to the lodge is a bit of a struggle.

After settling into our rooms and have a shower we went to the dining room for pre-dinner drinks.

Dinner was a rocket, parmesan and corn salad for entree, followed by lamb and beetroot meatballs, with greens and lemon salted potatoes. This was followed by citrus tart for dessert before an early night.

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