Thursday, December 30, 2010

Las Vegas NYE 2010

January 2010

We visited Las Vegas in January as a very last minute trip to see family. This was my third visit to Las Vegas and DH's second, and as a non-gambler, non-drinker I still never tire of it.

We always try and see something off the strip, last time it was the beautiful Valley of Fire, this time is was Red Rock Canyon. This one's not as far off the strip, making it a popular spot. Another advantage, is that it's a driving circular route, allowing you to stop at various points and explore as much, or as little as you want.

It was also my Grandmothers birthday, so on recommendations we took her to the Eiffel Tower restaurant, where on the weekends you get a great view of the Bellagio fountains at lunch. My only complaint was we had pre-booked, were made to wait on the promise of a window view, and then someone gave the maitre d' cash and we got bumped back, I know it's Vegas and what happens, but we would have been happy with the seat as long as we didn't have to wait. But the food was great, the service ideal and the view spectacular.

During our afternoon/evening walking up and down the strip (which is a must for an visit) we checked out the new Aria Las Vegas.

As well as the usual suspects in Las Vegas.....

The most flameworthly part of this trip, is we arrived New Years Eve, and we never left the hotel room, jet lag...

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