Friday, December 17, 2010

Daintree Day 1

April 2009

The Daintree and Great Barrier Reef had always been one of my "to do" trips, but you know how it is when somethings in your backyard, it seems like you have plenty of time to do it. Well, we decided with a four day long weekend to extend that time and finally get me to one of the most spectacular places in the world (DH had been previously, but didn't need much encouragement to go again!).

We hired a car, so that we had flexibility and we stayed at The Silky Oaks Lodge in one of their Treehouses, which were gorgeous and perfect for what we wanted/needed.

One our first day we took a cruise on the Daintree River, and got to see a bit of wildlife along the way.

From there we went across on the car ferry to see the Daintree Rainforest Discovery Centre. Where you got some stunning views from the suspended walkways. We continued in our car til we got to the Cape Tribulation tip, where you can take a short stroll to the lookout for views up and down the deserted beach (or it was at the time).

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