Monday, July 12, 2010

Torres Strait Islands

DH visited Thursday Island a few years back when he did a 5 week 4WD trip to Cape York, otherwise it's not an area that has really crossed my mind much. But in the May edition of Qantas, they had a section on Poruma Island Resort, which caught my eye.

Apparently the way to reach Poruma, is fly to Cairns, then fly to Horn Island and then on from Horn Island to Poruma Island. So while it's not necessarily the price that makes this a wish location, it's the time it would take to get there and what you can see along the way.

The resort has a number of beach bungalows, which include plunge pools when you want to stay out of the afternoon sun. Snorkeling and fishing seem to be the activities of choice. It seems like the perfect place to relax, swim and enjoy the local culture and people. makes me wish I was there now....

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