Friday, July 2, 2010

Kimbery Cruise, WA - Wish list

There is a running conversation in my family (and probably others) of what is the first thing we would do if we won big in the lottery. Being a travelling family, it should be obvious around what type of purchase it would be. The answer for us? Visit the Kimberly region in Western Australia on a luxury cruise of course! Having said that, the cruise is seasonal due to the location and we do have a back up if we happen to win big at another time of year, that is to follow in another post...

The cruise of choice is the Orion Expedition 10 night cruise.

Imagine cruising the beautiful Kimberly region in a 5 star ship, with a maximum of 105 other guests and 75 staff. With superb meals and many shore visits, including a flight over the Bungle Bungles, it would truly be a trip of a lifetime.

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  1. the most beautifull place in the world who would want to go any where else