Friday, July 16, 2010

Princeton, New Jersy, USA

May 2010

I visited Princeton recently for work and got to enjoy the lovely town at the same time. Everyone has heard of Princeton University, one of America's Ivy League Colleges, and rated as one of the worlds best, but not many (outside the USA) would know of it's history and charm.

It's largely a University town, with a lot of money. But some key points if you're visiting:

There are many speciality stores in the Princeton area, in particular the streets around the University. You can find Banana Republic, Paperstyle, Kate Spade and

There is a variety to choose from, in all styles. I highly recommend Medittera, a funky restaurant with unbelievably fresh food, all with a Mediterranean base. There's also a number of "pub" like place, including the A&B and also the Nassau Inn, and the buffalo wings at Chuck's Spring Cafe are amazing. You will not be without a place to eat in downtown Princeton.

I was in town on Alumni week, coming from Australia where we aren't so attached to our school it was an interesting experience to say the least (orange and black are not a good colour, not matter what they might think). The University consists of a number of beautiful buildings, some of which are more accessible than others. The church is worth a look for it's stained glass alone. The campus is also just a nice place to enjoy an afternoon stroll.


Princeton also has historical relevance, being a site of one of the battles during the revolutionary war. There are a number of monuments and sites that you can visit which detail the areas history.

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