Friday, August 8, 2014

Sydney Bucket List: Sydney Harbour Bridge

July 2014

I'm slowly ticking activities off my Sydney Bucket List (and adding new ones along the way), but I had an 18K training run for an upcoming half marathon and decided to run over the Harbour Bridge, achieving two things at once.


I was approaching from the North side and if you come out at Milsons Point train station the signs are clear.

You get glimpses of the harbour, including the Opera House, just make sure you zoom to get a clear shot.

I don't think as Sydney siders we appreciate the architectural feat that is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the pylons are always a spectacular sight.

This is the middle of winter and while busy, it definitely wasn't packed.

The approach from The Rocks side is a bit harder to find, but look for the bright blue sign.

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