Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Africa On Foot, Greater Kruger, South Africa

October 2013

We selected Africa on Foot purely to have a safari experience out of the truck, and on foot.

Located in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve in the Great Kruger region, Africa on Foot is located within easy flying or driving distance from Johannesburg (we caught a mini-bus).

The "huts" are spacious, with an outdoor shower, which I can see being problematic in winter.

The game walks take place each morning, followed by free time and then an afternoon drive, there is a small pool which we didn't get to use due to cool weather, but would be great in the hot summers.

The common areas are spacious, with lots of room to hang out, and charge stations for your cameras and other electronics.

Meals are also served together, with brunch, a light lunch and dinner being the main attractions.

If you've been on a few safaris and want to do something a bit different, this was a good option. Just be aware that due to weather conditions a walk might be cancelled (wind usually being the issue), but a game drive is then substituted in.

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