Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How we choose our Tanzanian Safari

I started in the standard ways, with the standard companies (Intrepid, g adventures, Peregrine). I then moved onto some of the more "luxury" providers (&Beyond) and got quotes from all of them. But it didn't quite seem right. The price of some of them was outrageous ($25K per person), and very few in a "lower" price range offered tented camps (I use "lower" as $12K isn't that great). So I moved on to tripadvisor, the devil in some people's eyes but trawling though the forums I got a new list. Of local providers. That responded quickly. With much more reasonable prices. And offered private vehicles. And would change the itinerary or accommodation on your request. You get the idea. Now you had to wire your money in most cases (including the one we used) to an African based bank account. But for us it worked. And Base Camp Tanzania ended up tying with Zara for the highlight of our five week trip.

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