Friday, May 10, 2013

Wolgan Valley, NSW, Australia: Activities

March 2013

One advantage over Wolgan Valley vs. some of the other luxury accommodation we've stayed at was the included activities. It was easy to choose daily from a list or simply do nothing.

Horse riding: You have the choice of arena riding, trail riding or a carriage ride depending on your experience. We chose the carriage ride as I'd injured my arm on the Thursday night before leaving.


Bike riding: I'm not much of a rider but DH loved his early morning guided bike ride

Nature Walks: Not too strenuous but takes you through the valley with some fantastic views


Wildlife tour: Occurs at 5:30 pm. The main attraction is the wallabies, wallaroos, kangaroos and the famous albino wallaroos (there are five in the area, we saw 2, one up close)


Night wildlife spotting: Leave at 9:30 pm. The main attraction is the wombats. We saw at least a dozen. It with the albino wallaroo above was one of the highlights

Hang by the pool/spa (or swim in it): Once again each chair has a great view, it gets sun most of the day and even with kids around was a quiet place to chill.


Go for a private run/walk/bike ride: We choose a run by ourselves one afternoon, the view was again stunning


Lounge in your room: Its spacious and does have the plunge pool after all


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  1. This looks like such a stunning place! I loves the carriage photo-looked like something out of America's Wild West (said by an American who has not been to Australia ha ha). The views from the pool area, I'm sure that was worth the high tariffs alone. So many places to get to!