Wednesday, May 15, 2013

She Runs the Night, Centennial Park, Sydney

May 2013

This was a female only 10K night run, 6000 females in fact. It was very empowering ;)

They had a wall at the start/finish with all the participants names on it, it made me a little bit emotional.

It was a really fun race, with tons of cool things along the course.

This year was a 10K, last year was a 13K. To be honest I was initially disappointed in the shorter course, but on the day I decided it was perfect, not too much of a challenge which allowed you to have more fun!

My favourite part was at the end, when the screen had the cats follow you to the finish line.

 I can't wait to do the race again next year, hopefully my sister will have started running by then and we can run it together.

PS. Did I mention my PB of 66 min, last year I ran the 9K Sydney Bridge Run in 72 min, not a bad improvement for adding an extra km!

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