Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wish List to Reality: Lord How Island, Australia

October 2011

You might remember a blog post of mine from way back when that covered Lord Howe Island as one of my wish list destinations, we'll this October long weekend it became a reality.

After a 2 hour flight from Sydney we were greeted at the airport by Mark and Libby from Capella Lodge.

After a light breakfast, we decided to make the most of a beautiful day (the weather can turn very quickly on Lord Howe Island as we later found out) and headed off into town, to feed the fish at Ned's Beach. Town is about a 4K walk, but Libby and Mark are more than happy to give you a lift if you don't feel like walking or the weather isn't the best.

At Ned's we spent a few hours feeding the fish, enjoying the mild water (20C), with only 3 other people on the beach at the same time.

After a light lunch at Humpty Mick's we headed back along the coast line.

On return to the Capella we checked into our room, and what a view from our Lagoon Loft.

Each night there are cocktails and canapes served in the dinning room, followed by a scrumptious three course dinner. Saturday nights however also allow you to listen to a presentation on the local history and genealogy of the Island.

Sunday's weather wasn't so crash hot. It was wet and it was windy. We did however borrow one of Capella's buggy's and head out for a quick walk, through the Valley of Shadow's and Clear Point.

Monday's weather was clear, but still windy, so after our last breakfast we headed off on a short walk to Little Island.

We finished the day with a short trip to Lovers Bay before heading back to Sydney.

Capella Lodge
Pinetrees has been on Lord Howe Island for 160+ years

Feed fish at Ned's beach
One of the many walks - from short trip to Little Island, to the mammoth Mount Gower
Nothing! That's a great thing about this Island. With a maximum of 750 people at one time allowed on the Island, you can always find a place to get away from it all and do...nothing!

Breakfast and Dinner is included at Capella

Lunch at Humpty Mick's
Burgers from the General Store

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