Sunday, October 30, 2011

USA Cities Top 5: Been and to go

I've seen a bit of the US, but being such a large, populated country I haven't seen enough of it! Below are my top 5 picks of the cities I have been to and the top 5 that are next on my list.

San Fransisco, CA

I love harbour cities (Sydney and Auckland being among them), and maybe that's the attraction to San Fransisco.

San Antonio, TX

Not a harbour city, but it does have the river walk, great Tex-Mex food and plenty of history.

Washington, DC

I love museums, I love history and I'm interested in politics, so a great place to enjoy all three.


I think New York City speaks for itself.....but if you need a reason, the shopping, the food, the sports and the city.

I don't drink, I don't gamble, but yet I've been to Vegas a number of times.

To go
Seattle, WA

The largest city in the Pacific Northwest, and you guessed it, another harbour city.

New Orleans, LA

Known for it's Jazz, it's history and it's party scene, I'm interested more in the Creole food.

Boston, MA

One of the oldest cities and the largest in New England.

Nashville, TN

I'm not a country and western music fan, but with the nickname of Music City, and based on the river.

Denver, CO

A major city that's close to the great outdoors.

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