Wednesday, April 20, 2011

South East Asia Day 14

April 2008

Today we took a bus tour to see the Cao Dai Temple and the Cui Chi tunnels. It had been a regret of mine after visiting in 2002, that I hadn't left enough time to see the tunnels so this was great opportunity for me.

We arrived at the Cao Dai Temple just in time to watch the mid-day ceremony.

We then stopped for lunch - Pho again, before heading off to the Cu Chi Tunnels. It made you appreciate what the people living in the area and using the tunnels had to endure while fighting the Americans and their Allies, DH was the only one small enough to fit in a certain section of the tunnels.

That night we enjoyed BBQ dinner at Luong San Zuan, followed by ice cream at Kem Bach Dang.

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  1. Your pictures are fantastic and along with Turkey (I commented on this a moment ago), Vietnam is another country on my wish list.